Hawaii Fishing Festival: The Main Event

The feast reaches a climax on the main event. Over 100 vendors will flock to the historic Honolulu Fishing Village, Pier 38. A mixed group of fishing and ocean-focused businesses, companies, and non-profit organizations would join the festivities. Festival activities include fishing training programs, tours of fishing boats, tours of the fish “Silent Auction,” live fishing presentations, Gyotaku printing, seafood cooking shows and heaps of games for the Keiki.

Hawaii Fishing Festival Activities

The Hawaii Fishing Festival is a seafood heaven. If you like seafood, you can’t miss it. Want to learn more about activities at the Hawaii Fishing Festival?

Learn the fundamental rules of sustainable fishing, how to catch a fish, and the art of net throwing and spin casting.

Learn about the various life stages of fish, looking through advanced microscopes you can know how fish grow in the ocean.

Look at fish models and specimen to learn fish anatomy, and know the different parts and organs of fish.

Watch documentaries and short videos and learn about the work of fisheries observers. You can even watch a presentation on how the U.S. Coast Guard handle an at-sea rescue mission.

Snap a photo on a traditional sampan with what you caught and have it printed, framed, and put on display.

Join local seafood tasting events and enjoy Hawaii’s local fresh seafood and produce.

Visit over 12 live action seafood stations spread around the island, hosted by Hawaii’s best culinary chefs associated with Hawaii (clean-up provided by local mom-and-pop companies, to boot).

Join Community College Culinary Art scholars and mentors, learn from them and create unique Hawaiian dishes.

Learn how to cook seafood the Hawaiian way from the experts, and join the phenomenal dessert stations.

Volunteer your services and share your knowledge about fishing and cooking.

If you love drinking, join a multitude of beverage stations offering wine, beer, coffee, and soft drinks.

If you enjoy fresh seafood, you should accede to the Sea-To-Me displays, where you can see and taste the relationship between Hawaii and the sea.

Join charitable auctions to help fund workshops for helping children how to fish.

Free credit review by local and national credit repair companies.

Join tours and seminars about seafood safety.

Attend live entertainment events by local artists and hula haluas.

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