Hawaii Fishing and Seafood Festival Week

The official date of the Hawaii Fishing and Seafood Festival is the first Sunday in October, but there are several preparations done during the week before:

Keiki Art Contest: welcoming children from third to 12th grade. Children from different classes are awarded cash prizes, and top contestants have their hand drawn artwork featured during the Sunday festival.

Fishing for Hawaii’s Hungry Tournament: A two-day tournament where local celebrities, volunteers, fishing clubs join. The event is an excellent way to learn about Hawaii and its culture and to meet new friends. At the end of the tournament, all the fish caught are sent to the Institute for Human Services to create meals for the needy.

Every participant gets a chance to win a prize at the festival Sunday. Prizes range from a mini iPad to a trip to Las Vegas.

Sea-To-Me Tasting Event: At this event, professional chefs and students from Hawaii’s culinary art schools gather to create savory seafood dishes. Served with finest wines and island social dancing. With proceeds going toward the University of Hawaii and its Culinary Programs. Location: Pier 38.

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