Hawaii and the Sea

The sea is at the heart of Hawaiian culture. It provides sustenance, joy, and a burial place for Hawaiians. Every year, Hawaiians celebrate the Hawaii Fishing and Seafood Festival, one of the biggest cultural events in Hawaii. They pay homage to the sea and its generosity.

It is a charitable festival, where the hungry find plenty of food, and the children start to learn fishing through supporting programs.

The festival is a public event free for all, parking is also free at Honolulu Community College. Location: Pier 38 in Honolulu’s Fishing Village.

How the Hawaii Fishing Festival Begun

In the beginning, the Pacific Island Fisheries Group established the festival in 2005. The idea was to raise environmental awareness, protect, and preserve marine life in Pacific waters. The group worked with local fishers on catch-and-release fish tagging programs and amassing specimens for research purposes.

The PIFG is a non-profit organization, hosting family fishing events and contests to teach children the art of the fishery. The Hawaii Fishing and Seafood Festival started as a fundraiser, and it evolved into one of Oahu’s biggest celebrations, stretching over an entire week.

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